Things I am loving this week #2 / by Mike Tyle

Fun, fun, fun!

Styling: Most exciting of my updates (I think) I have gotten some exciting styling gigs which for me is a dream! I have to say I really feel that styling is what I am meant to be doing. Nothing gives me the feeling that creating a mood making an idea come to life through a look, putting together just the right pieces which really add up in the equation in making or breaking the overall theme of the shoot.

This image as well as the photo shoot itself were all shot analog by Maksim Shdan, who's not only a friend but an awesome photographer and captures the moment with a real sense of intimacy. I always enjoying seeing what he photographs next. Besides his website you can also see some of his work in my styling page "Hanna + Daniel"

Traveling: I have been lucky enough this past month to head to Prague for a long much needed weekend. It was fantastic! Such a wonderful old and interesting city. Of course I took basically a gazillion pictures. Ok only 902. I will be making an album as soon as I get a chance. I would have done so already but I have had the opportunity to fly off yet again tomorrow. I will save that story for another entry. I am sure I will have lot's to say about it!

Yes, 4 hours in an oven makes a difference.

Homemade food: As nice as it is going out there is nothing like doing it yourself. Last weekend I was sadly alone and it's no fun cooking a big meal for myself. Well I guess it could be cool... but I prefer the company of others and the past couple of weekends we made an awesome roast chicken. I can't wait to see what next weekend will bring!

Travel maps: Not only do I love going to new places but also showing other around. I started having the idea to create interactive maps for friends who were going places. While they are no definitive and always being updated say that 2 are website ready: Düsseldorf and Metro-Detroit... I know I am lame. Paris would have been first BUT it's Paris and I want to make sure I have all my faves listed before I unveil.

Fashion Week: Although the month of shows is finally over because of how busy I am I still haven't gotten around to finishing my runway commentary posts, I still have Paris to add. But in the mean time I have gotten through NY, London and Milan. See the post below for my thoughts and let me know if you agree. I have also been posting my favorite looks from the shows on my Pinterest page maybe you will see something you like.