2013 / by Mike Tyle

I had quite an eventful year and when looking back I can say I am grateful to be surrounded by so many great people and enjoying my life doing what I love. While no life is picture perfect all in all I can't complain and am blessed to have had the opportunities I have been allowed.

Thank you to everyone who has made 2013 so special!

As everyone knows traveling is one of my ultimate favorite things in life and this year has been a record!

Not only did I have a chance to visit my family and friends back in Michigan twice this year spending time in Detroit and camping along Lake Michigan. I was also able to spend a week up in the woods of Upstate NY with a few of my favorite people.

ping pong in the backyard

Typical Michigan summer!

upstate NY. Krysta & her mom.

Home has come to mean relaxation for me.

Visiting friends downtown at Campus Martius.

Many trips both for work and just for fun were spent traveling around Benelux. While I know Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and now Luxembourg pretty well I am always excited and surprised by all the new things I see when I am visiting. For being so close they are all very unique.

How Dutch!

Windmills! The do exist!

Spain & Morocco. Need I say more? Such inspirational countries. Spain is one of my favorite places to visit. The food, the people, the architecture, the weather. Everything what I look for in a place can be found here.

Morocco was special as my first foray into Africa and while it's only the tip I am sure I will be back. An eye opening experience that left me wanting more.

Also, one word: Alhambra

Overlooking Granada.

Coast of Tangier

Prague. Again, hello? It's Prague. What is not to love. I had been to the city before but sadly it had been 10 years and coming back my love of the city was again awakened. Everywhere you look is picture perfect among the spire of all the buildings and the bridges that connect the city I was inspired. Wonderful people and culture.

Switzerland in general is beautiful. Not a big surprise. For some the ocean is everything but I am always astounded by the mountains. Every. Single. Time. It's perfection. Although Zurich only has the mountains in the background, as opposed to it's French counterpart Geneva, it was nice to have a glimpse.

Last Christmas I spent in Lausanne which was also my first time in Switzerland. Being surrounded by such nature really made me regard it with even more respect than ever before.

Outskirts of Lausanne from my train window.


Last January I was in Florence for Pitti. It was my first time there and while I had heard much about it none of it made me ready for how beautiful of a city it really was! I have been in several other place in Italy but none of them could compare when it came to the picturesque Italia that Americans think of Europe. Especially living in Germany where so many building shave been built after the war it is quite a surprise to see such awe inspiring history.

Obviously traveling around the country I currently live in happened every weekend. Walking around Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden... I am hoping in the next year to travel to the south in the coming year.

For Christmas my family came to visit and I was happy to show them my daily life as well as visit different cities (and Christmas markets) in the area. What makes traveling and living abroad all the better is having people to share it with. 


I look forward to the coming year knowing that it will be full packed and I am ready for the ride.

Happy New Year 2014! 

Let's make it count!