Expat Christmas / by Mike Tyle

Having just moved this past month I have mostly spent the time learning the ropes of my new job, furnishing my apartment (still not done) and getting accustomed to life in Brussels. While I wasn't able to make it home to family & friends this Christmas I was lucky enough to get some great cards in the mail as well as a Secret Santa gift!

A friend of mine, Diane, who runs the blog Oui in France, had an excellent idea of a gift exchange for expats. 

After Diane matched me up with Amanda, a woman from the US now living in Morocco. I was quick to send off a package of goodies detailing life in Belgium: waffles, speculoos spread, chocolate, Lotus cookies and a map of Brussels with guide Tin-Tin!

A couple weeks before the big day I received a package myself from Istanbul, Turkey! I have been waiting to open it and was pleasantly surprised with the many treats inside: Lokum (Turkish Delight), Turkish coffee/coffee maker/cup & saucer (sadly both broken), some cookies and spices which I am dying to try out!

Again a big thanks and shout out to Diane for making the whole experience possible! Can't wait until next year!