The Lakes District / by Mike Tyle

I had some vacation time from last year which I had to use up and decided a last minute, much needed, trip to visit my good friend Krysta in the U.K. was well over due.

We both had decided to make sure I got some city time but we also wanted to get away on an adventure. Krysta had suggested the Lake District and I found us a splendid AirBnB room in a farmhouse from the 1500's. Off we were!

It was a whirlwind of a trip going 5 hours north of London into in the hills an hour from Scotland and back but being from the U.S. we are used to long road trips and great company with lots to catch up on always makes it better!

The view from every corner was really beautiful. The colors where also very interesting lots of bright green grass alone with patches of rust colored ferns and dark colored stones full with acidic looking moss. We often found yellow daffodils all along the way of the road which made the area seem even more picturesque.

The view from our bedroom window alone was breathtaking. A valley overlooked by a tree that was several hundred years old. To cap off our trip we ended up at Castlerigg stone circle which while similar to Stonehenge was better as there was no barrier to the rock formation.

Krysta is roadtrip ready with her Mulberry in toe.

Something tells me we aren't in London anymore...

The magnificent view from our shire bedroom window!

The view from a trek up a hill, the "lake" in the distance is actually the Irish Sea!

Hello little friend!

In the rain but at the top!

An exceptional restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, please!

Krysta, Barboured and Huntered out, in the stone circle; Castlerigg.