London by way of food / by Mike Tyle

This post needs no introduction. Basically... Me. Best Friend. Food.

When Krysta and I are lucky enough to be in the same place at the same time our #1 quest is new and great restaurants to try out. During my trip to London we made sure to add some spots to the map! In this instance we were all over the place. Our favorites included Pollen Street Social: Everything you expect in a high end restaurant (including the bill) and little plates of architectural yumminess. As well as the ever lovable Goat: British take on NY cooking with a great lunch menu. However I was really feeling the latest and greatest Hoi Polloi.

A restaurant should be not only about the food but also the ambiance. Something Hoi Polloi knows how to do. I have never been in a more trendy place in my life. Seriously. I was getting major Bistrotheque vibes. Which makes sense since they are the masterminds behind the new venture.

Before entering you are greeted by a flower shop, very unexpected and also a bit confusing. After seeing several hip people walking into a Mary Poppin's bag of a flower shop we ventured in.

Once inside you are bitch slapped but an intense but fun crowd, which is to be expiated since it is also connected to the Shoreditch Ace Hotel (another entrance is through the hotel as well, yet also seemingly confusing...) The chic decor was all that I could ask; rich wood and gold in a 60's Mod cafeteria meets subtle East German Plattenbau styling. Most importantly where can I buy those lighting fixtures STAT! I am still having dreams about those wire ornaments.

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As for the food... It's not very often that, When given a menu (a complicated albeit graphically pleasing newspaper in this case), I have no clue what half of the things on it say but here that seems to be the point. After a round of cocktails, Bijou Basket & a Wet Luppers (Ok, so maybe the names need homework... I chalked it up to being British), we moved onto the appetizers. Looking like large square fried the chickpea fritters w/ tarragon yoghurt just what I needed. Not too heavy and full of flavor for food with little when it comes to ingredients. We didn't have mains but for a starter I chose the Jerusalem artichoke soup and crispy duck. While the soup was a bit heavy and bland in flavor the duck made up for it. Thin strips placed on the soup, crispy as the name stated, surprisingly juicy and flavorful. I paired it with the house merlot which in the end was the right choice. To round out the evening I had a Gin Tonic with Monkey 47 and we shared a chocolate stout cake, salted caramel with hokey pokey. Mostly just for the hokey pokey... because What. Is. it? Turns out to be honeycomb. 

On a side note I am seriously obsessed with the staff sweatshirt. I NEED it. Preferably in Dutsy Rose if anyone has any tips...

Happy and full customers

Shout out goes to the Drunken Duck if you ever make your way up to the Lake District. Stop by. Well worth the detour. You will not regret it!