On the search / by Mike Tyle

A lot is happening at the moment.

As someone who embraces change I am quite excited for all the new prospects the future has in store and with new direction I decided was in need of a new scent as well.

I don't wear cologne very often I think for a couple reasons many men have; I never know how to appropriately apply it or I am afraid to offend someone if I overdo it. More often than not I have realized the fragrance smells great on the strip but not so great on me.

I have basically been living off the same oldie but goody Armani Mania for the past couple years! So off I went to several perfumeries over the past couple weeks and after much decision making (not gonna lie many of them all smelled the same) I finally settled on not one but three very different fragrances. All for different occasions of course. Click the image to find out more about the notes each eau de toilette has to offer.