What I am living for #7 by Mike Tyle



In NY the winters are similar in temp to Brussels (until it decided to snow 6 in. last week) however I was home over the holidays in Detroit where it's fucking freezing at -15 most nights. Needless to say, I was very happy to be reunited with my winter coats! Of which I have plenty... I am kind of a outerwear whore. My fave styles I brought back to the city with me are a vintage 60's field jacket and two Kooples styles: a duffle coat and a down jacket with raccoon fur lined hood.



Being in NYC I am in the shopping Mecca, however I haven't been in the shopping mood... which is shocking coming from me. The guy who literally has a monthly budget for clothes. It could be because I am schlepping them all over the city every day for work. Hello, 12 mile Thursday Fitbit calculation!

However, I do love a deal and a sample sale. Luck would have it there is a company called 260 that really get some great brands daily through their doors. Be it Wang, J.Crew, Scotch & Soda, Sandro... It's impressive and always a nice surprise. Sign up for the listserv and get ready for the next amazing find.

Also check out my NYC map for lots of other great places to shop that I've found!

Hermes FW17



We are in the middle of Menswear FW17 at the moment so get ready for even more mens fashion posts to follow!



Get in my belly!


I recently went to a brunch at a speakeasy in Chelsea called Bathtub Gin. It's hidden behind a small to-go coffee shop and honestly if I hadn't asked I wouldn't have known it was there! But once the trap door opens there is a huge yet intimate dimly-lit restaurant with an amazing bar and what was to be a great brunch menu. I had wonderful cornflake and coconut crusted French toasted brioche with fresh berries. Naturally, accompanied by a gin cocktail!



This past month there have been so many amazing speeches made in defiance of suppression. After this weekends Women's March I was thrilled to hear all the inspiring words from Gloria Steinem, Angela Davis, Madonna, Scarlet Johansson... however those that stuck out to me most were Ashley Judd & America Ferrera: 

By now everyone has seen the great Meryl Streep Golden Globes acceptance speech and her point rings true. "Take your broke heart, make it into art."


Trumpcast. Every week like clockwork. It's the best podcast to make sense of the ludicrousness that is Trump and sadly our Twilight Zone of a future.


Expat Christmas by Mike Tyle

Having just moved this past month I have mostly spent the time learning the ropes of my new job, furnishing my apartment (still not done) and getting accustomed to life in Brussels. While I wasn't able to make it home to family & friends this Christmas I was lucky enough to get some great cards in the mail as well as a Secret Santa gift!

A friend of mine, Diane, who runs the blog Oui in France, had an excellent idea of a gift exchange for expats. 

After Diane matched me up with Amanda, a woman from the US now living in Morocco. I was quick to send off a package of goodies detailing life in Belgium: waffles, speculoos spread, chocolate, Lotus cookies and a map of Brussels with guide Tin-Tin!

A couple weeks before the big day I received a package myself from Istanbul, Turkey! I have been waiting to open it and was pleasantly surprised with the many treats inside: Lokum (Turkish Delight), Turkish coffee/coffee maker/cup & saucer (sadly both broken), some cookies and spices which I am dying to try out!

Again a big thanks and shout out to Diane for making the whole experience possible! Can't wait until next year!

Hannah's Kitchen by Mike Tyle

This past week I had the lovely opportunity to do styling for a new cookbook coming out.

If there is one thing I love it is fashion and if there is another thing that I love it is food. So needless to say this was perfect! The theme was Mothers & Babies. 100 recipes for nurturing yourself and your child.

Hannah, her daughter & an ice-cream in J.Crew look.

I look forward to showing off the book when it come out next year!

In the meantime here is a sneak peak:

Also, make sure to check out Hannah's website for some great recipes and tasty treats! (in German only)

London by way of food by Mike Tyle

This post needs no introduction. Basically... Me. Best Friend. Food.

When Krysta and I are lucky enough to be in the same place at the same time our #1 quest is new and great restaurants to try out. During my trip to London we made sure to add some spots to the map! In this instance we were all over the place. Our favorites included Pollen Street Social: Everything you expect in a high end restaurant (including the bill) and little plates of architectural yumminess. As well as the ever lovable Goat: British take on NY cooking with a great lunch menu. However I was really feeling the latest and greatest Hoi Polloi.

A restaurant should be not only about the food but also the ambiance. Something Hoi Polloi knows how to do. I have never been in a more trendy place in my life. Seriously. I was getting major Bistrotheque vibes. Which makes sense since they are the masterminds behind the new venture.

Before entering you are greeted by a flower shop, very unexpected and also a bit confusing. After seeing several hip people walking into a Mary Poppin's bag of a flower shop we ventured in.

Once inside you are bitch slapped but an intense but fun crowd, which is to be expiated since it is also connected to the Shoreditch Ace Hotel (another entrance is through the hotel as well, yet also seemingly confusing...) The chic decor was all that I could ask; rich wood and gold in a 60's Mod cafeteria meets subtle East German Plattenbau styling. Most importantly where can I buy those lighting fixtures STAT! I am still having dreams about those wire ornaments.

Image from

As for the food... It's not very often that, When given a menu (a complicated albeit graphically pleasing newspaper in this case), I have no clue what half of the things on it say but here that seems to be the point. After a round of cocktails, Bijou Basket & a Wet Luppers (Ok, so maybe the names need homework... I chalked it up to being British), we moved onto the appetizers. Looking like large square fried the chickpea fritters w/ tarragon yoghurt just what I needed. Not too heavy and full of flavor for food with little when it comes to ingredients. We didn't have mains but for a starter I chose the Jerusalem artichoke soup and crispy duck. While the soup was a bit heavy and bland in flavor the duck made up for it. Thin strips placed on the soup, crispy as the name stated, surprisingly juicy and flavorful. I paired it with the house merlot which in the end was the right choice. To round out the evening I had a Gin Tonic with Monkey 47 and we shared a chocolate stout cake, salted caramel with hokey pokey. Mostly just for the hokey pokey... because What. Is. it? Turns out to be honeycomb. 

On a side note I am seriously obsessed with the staff sweatshirt. I NEED it. Preferably in Dutsy Rose if anyone has any tips...

Happy and full customers

Shout out goes to the Drunken Duck if you ever make your way up to the Lake District. Stop by. Well worth the detour. You will not regret it!

The Lakes District by Mike Tyle

I had some vacation time from last year which I had to use up and decided a last minute, much needed, trip to visit my good friend Krysta in the U.K. was well over due.

We both had decided to make sure I got some city time but we also wanted to get away on an adventure. Krysta had suggested the Lake District and I found us a splendid AirBnB room in a farmhouse from the 1500's. Off we were!

It was a whirlwind of a trip going 5 hours north of London into in the hills an hour from Scotland and back but being from the U.S. we are used to long road trips and great company with lots to catch up on always makes it better!

The view from every corner was really beautiful. The colors where also very interesting lots of bright green grass alone with patches of rust colored ferns and dark colored stones full with acidic looking moss. We often found yellow daffodils all along the way of the road which made the area seem even more picturesque.

The view from our bedroom window alone was breathtaking. A valley overlooked by a tree that was several hundred years old. To cap off our trip we ended up at Castlerigg stone circle which while similar to Stonehenge was better as there was no barrier to the rock formation.

Krysta is roadtrip ready with her Mulberry in toe.

Something tells me we aren't in London anymore...

The magnificent view from our shire bedroom window!

The view from a trek up a hill, the "lake" in the distance is actually the Irish Sea!

Hello little friend!

In the rain but at the top!

An exceptional restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, please!

Krysta, Barboured and Huntered out, in the stone circle; Castlerigg.

Things I am loving this week #2 by Mike Tyle

Fun, fun, fun!

Styling: Most exciting of my updates (I think) I have gotten some exciting styling gigs which for me is a dream! I have to say I really feel that styling is what I am meant to be doing. Nothing gives me the feeling that creating a mood making an idea come to life through a look, putting together just the right pieces which really add up in the equation in making or breaking the overall theme of the shoot.

This image as well as the photo shoot itself were all shot analog by Maksim Shdan, who's not only a friend but an awesome photographer and captures the moment with a real sense of intimacy. I always enjoying seeing what he photographs next. Besides his website you can also see some of his work in my styling page "Hanna + Daniel"

Traveling: I have been lucky enough this past month to head to Prague for a long much needed weekend. It was fantastic! Such a wonderful old and interesting city. Of course I took basically a gazillion pictures. Ok only 902. I will be making an album as soon as I get a chance. I would have done so already but I have had the opportunity to fly off yet again tomorrow. I will save that story for another entry. I am sure I will have lot's to say about it!

Yes, 4 hours in an oven makes a difference.

Homemade food: As nice as it is going out there is nothing like doing it yourself. Last weekend I was sadly alone and it's no fun cooking a big meal for myself. Well I guess it could be cool... but I prefer the company of others and the past couple of weekends we made an awesome roast chicken. I can't wait to see what next weekend will bring!

Travel maps: Not only do I love going to new places but also showing other around. I started having the idea to create interactive maps for friends who were going places. While they are no definitive and always being updated say that 2 are website ready: Düsseldorf and Metro-Detroit... I know I am lame. Paris would have been first BUT it's Paris and I want to make sure I have all my faves listed before I unveil.

Fashion Week: Although the month of shows is finally over because of how busy I am I still haven't gotten around to finishing my runway commentary posts, I still have Paris to add. But in the mean time I have gotten through NY, London and Milan. See the post below for my thoughts and let me know if you agree. I have also been posting my favorite looks from the shows on my Pinterest page maybe you will see something you like.

restful weekend by Mike Tyle

Usually Monday begins with countdown to the weekend that is unless I have a deadline creeping up on a Friday. Luckily this past Friday was a great day to start off the weekend and the work that was due was a nice surprise to the usual.

The F/W14 kick-off process started with the dept. meeting off-site at a new fave restaurant: zimmer no. 01 (will def. be on the city map hint hint of things to come). It's always great to get out of the office, away from e-mails and get creative working as a group to define our "guy". The homework was to bring 3 items that can be used for the season.

I brought a couple of magazines I am always inspired from: the Heritage Post (great article on tattooing btw) and German GQ Style, featuring a rough looking yet sexy as always Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover. I added a vintage sweater I had just bought in Antwerp that had a nice washed down red color and features several knit structures I found interesting. For good measure I added a 4th Item; a t-shirt from the Rising Sun (a brand I can't help but Stan for) that I received a while ago and is my go to t-shirt. It has a great lived-in feel, a nice slub effect and a cool vintage-esque Cone Denim graphic.

Cardigan- vintage, T-shirt- the Rising Sun co.

Can we talk about how yummy the food at zimmer. no 01 was?

Breakfast. I ate it all.

Salad with red currant and goat cheese. I died.

Coconut curry w/ prawns. Messy but worth it.

After work hors d'oeuvres... don't mind if I do!

The rest of the weekend was just as nice full of food, friends and lounging about. I am lucky.

View from the Rheinufer bank in Düsseldorf