Home Decor

Ikea PS 17 collection by Mike Tyle

Last week, in NYC, I was invited to a 1-day pop-up shop preview of the collection which started hitting Ikea's all over the world this week. It was super exciting to see all the new and interesting items Ikea has come up with in the "Young Urban Life" themed collection. In a departure from earlier PS lines, which are limited-edition injections every 3 years, this time the use of bold color and shape was integrated with the important value of new material, fabrication techniques, and product types. Such as a 3-D knitted chair or vases made from recycled glass.

Glenn's Apartment by Mike Tyle

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, Glenn, asked if I could photograph some of the furniture and bikes he has built around his apartment. I jumped at the opportunity after seeing his impressive work and really loving his style.


Ikea and college by Mike Tyle

It happened. Ikea made me it's bitch yet again. 

But now I have nice things and my apartment is slowly coming together. I am going for a contemporary minimalistic sort of look. Hence paired down walls and clean lines mixed with pops of bright colors.

I am also hoping to painting a sort of Missoni chevron along one wall of my living room. I'll keep you updated if things go as planned. 

Also, I have been lucky enough to be asked by my alma mater to speak at Career Day. I am incredibly excited and humbled that the Apparel Merchandising & Design department at CMU feels I have already reached a point where I can give advice and guidance to the young professionals whom I will someday considered my peers. I remember always being excited for Career Day when I was an undergraduate. It's great to see people who have completed the program and are making a life for themselves after.

In other news work has been well. August is a good month in Europe. Most people are on vacation, which means September will be a bit stressful. Can't wait! In the mean time I have been able to do some mean BBQing and of course hitting up the end of les soldes.

New shoes- Esprit

I love a colored sole.

Cardigan- H&M, T-shirt- COS

new coffee table!

In the bedroom.

View out to the balcony.

Ready to eat!