What I am living for #4 by Mike Tyle

For my readers in Germany and a few Eastern European countries I am sure everyone is aware of the wonders that can be found at DM.

For everyone else you are missing out! Like a typical drugstore you can get everything you may need from garbage bags to aspirin... and sometimes randomly kids clothing. Unlike a typical drugstore there is no candy isle only organic food. One of my faves is the Mediterranean couscous, shout out to you!

But what I am really here for is the body care products. All companies have their own brands that sit next to the L'Oréal and Nivea's of the world but the DM brands really are on par with the big names. Alverda & Balea being the main beauty care lines they have some good stuff to offer. For my self in particular I am a huge fan of the Balea Men's line!

I am always one the look out for something new and for the price I can afford to be obsessed. The list is always growing but at the moment my latest must haves are as follows:

Lift Effect 6in1: Awesome.

Plumps wrinkles effectively and gives the skin new elasticity - all day! Anti-Wrinkle: The wrinkle depth is reduced - the face is smoothed. UVA and UVB filters protect against light-induced skin aging and also against light-induced pigmentation. Contains SPF 15. Care Booster with glycerin and provitamin B5 moisturizes intensively, protects and nourishes the skin. Quickly absorbed - without greasing (big plus, since I hate lotion!).

Also it smells nice and masculine. What's not to love! 

Volcanic Rock Peeling Mask: I use this about 2 or 3 times a week. The rest of the time I use Aveeno men's face wash which my parents sends me every couple month in a care package from home. :)

This intense exfoliating scrub is deep cleansing and a highly effective clarifying mask with an antibacterial formula and active volcanic rock and salicylic acid. Inhibiting the formation of blemishes, it has a matte effect, refines pores and protects the skin from drying out.

I usually leave it on for about 5 min while I am showering and then wash it off last. Really makes the skin feel fresh, smooth and neat.

Energy Q10: I used this daily until the Lift Effect product came into my life...

Q10 and "green coffee" add new energy for tired skin. Stimulating regeneration and promotes skin's own construction processes while increases the moisture content of the skin. Along with an added UV-protection. 

My only issue with the cream is that after it dries is sometimes leaves silicon flecks. Isn't not noticeable but feels odd.

All 3 items listed also have the added benefit of being vegan!

I will have to stock up before moving this coming month! Luckily I will only be a couple of hours away.

Things I am loving this week #3 by Mike Tyle

GermanWings Blind Booking: The most awesome thing ever. As I am in a transition period I have had some extra time off and what better way to use it than traveling. With the GermanWings deal it cost only 60euro and a sense of adventure! I have already used it twice and am planning a third trip next week.

The catch is you don't know where you will be heading until after you pay! Next thing you know you will be packing to head to Venice or many of Europe's other wonderful cities.

T. magazine Model-moprh: Basically I love any sort of before and after. In this instance it is rough to glam of models at fashion week. Goes to show how much some make-up and hair styling can do! 

Magdelena Stark: I am constantly drawing inspiration from my friends and am lucky to include Magda as one of them! In the spring she updated her already awesome portfolio/website. Check it out!

(side note- not a fan of the packaging but meh.)

Opium pour Hommes by YSL: Ok I know if you scroll down you can see that I just went on a cologne shopping spree but.... I was at Breuninger this pas week and the perfume lady sprayed me and... I died. It's warm, woody and spicy. Basically this is my new fall/winter scent.

On the search by Mike Tyle

A lot is happening at the moment.

As someone who embraces change I am quite excited for all the new prospects the future has in store and with new direction I decided was in need of a new scent as well.

I don't wear cologne very often I think for a couple reasons many men have; I never know how to appropriately apply it or I am afraid to offend someone if I overdo it. More often than not I have realized the fragrance smells great on the strip but not so great on me.

I have basically been living off the same oldie but goody Armani Mania for the past couple years! So off I went to several perfumeries over the past couple weeks and after much decision making (not gonna lie many of them all smelled the same) I finally settled on not one but three very different fragrances. All for different occasions of course. Click the image to find out more about the notes each eau de toilette has to offer.

Things I am loving this week. by Mike Tyle

1.  Kiehl's- Facial Fuel: In. Love. Basically, I didn't realize until after I was 25 that I am not aging backwards. Luckily, there is Kiehl's. Stopped into the store a while back with a friend, who stocks up on everything they make, and tried out some things. While I must say it is all good, this is my go to item every morning and night. It moisturizes wonderfully and does not leave any greasy feeling like lotion, which I despise.


2. My iron and ironing board- Putting on pants can the hardest thing to do in the morning. Nevertheless, I like to look put together even if the truth is I picked out 2 clothing opt. the night before so that I could stay under the covers a whole 5 sec. longer. Thankfully my trusty side kick makes everything look nice and keeps the haters pressed. Also, I am only ironing like 2 things at a time so it doesn't suck too much. Thank you for being there and never burning me or any holes in my clothes... minus the time I somehow melted plastic from out of nowhere to one of my fave chambray shirts (yes, I have several).


3. Kenzo x Vans F/W13. OK, in a nutshell I am pro anything Kenzo. Obviously teaming with Vans brings this awesome higher end brand to the masses. It seems to be working since they have been turning it out now for several seasons together mixing awesome prints and comfy shoes to brighten up one's feet! This collection won't be any different.

On a side note- I think it's time I just suck it up and get that damn tiger head sweatshirt everyone has that I can't deny my love of.

4. E-Shop support chats- I am all about getting help when I need it, especially when it comes to online shopping. I want to know as much about a product as possible. I am a "feeler" and online it's not possible to touch an item or try something on or know if it will work... the next best thing is being able to talk it out. Even if that someone is a computer/ from a developing nation most likely never having set foot in said store. Sometimes I just need reassurance. The only down side is paying shipping & handling, I am pretty sure a little part of my soul dies every time.