Prada Archive by Mike Tyle

Prada, my love.

The newly revamped Prada website now including "A Future Archive" comes with a ton of great features allowing the fan to view all collections, ads & videos from past seasons.

Including one of my favorite videos of all time:

"Thunder Perfect Mind" Daria Werbowy reading from the Gnostic Manuscript to a jazz soundtrack and filmed in Berlin. Le sigh.

What's not to love?!

In honor of the big release I've posted below some of my favorite Prada campaigns.

It's really interesting to see how the red line follows through the clothes while still evolving. Distinctly Prada even when the themes are ever changing.

My only issue with the website is that for the most part there are only 2 images from the ads for each season instead of all of the photos for each collection! Hopefully some day it will be in it's entirety.

Lichtgrenze by Mike Tyle

If you are lucky to be in Berlin this weekend then not only am I jealous of you, although I was there the beginning of the week... but also because you will be able to see the wonder that is Lichtgrenze.

25 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This is such a momentous occasion celebrating a very huge moment in history the end of Communism and the reunification of not only a city but a country.


Slate has an excellent article which explains more about this great open-air light installation.

Made up of over 8,000 lit up eco-balloons starting tonight until this Sunday the 9th where the balloons will be released.