Cara Delevingne

Met Gala 2018 by Mike Tyle

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said but I am very impressed with how many of the invitees actually stayed on theme this year compared to years past (I'm looking at you Punk: Chaos to Couture). Have a look at the Vogue instagram compilation video to get a feel for some of the amazing looks of the evening and check out my fave looks below.

September Vogue 2014 by Mike Tyle

Drum roll.... the most coveted cover of all has arrived!

Naturally everyone has a take on it. Of course first and foremost everyone was wondering which celebrity it would be! Therefore seeing models take it over for the first time in a while was a nice surprise.

I asked a friend who has no clue about fashion to give me their thoughts:
Diversity! Not only on the front cover but you hit all the marks: you got your black girl(s) possibly questionably half an Indian (the PS/lighting is throwing me off), token Asian, and all the vanilla in-between.
They are in some springy fresh fun clean happy all-American going to prom looks... wait is this supposed to be a May cover?

Now for my lowdown... welcome to PS heaven or hell. Depending on your view. I want to see the receipts for some of these phantom limbs
Really? Aside from the top 3 most well known fronting the issue these are your picks? Where are Binx and Anna Ewers or... Jourdan cozying up with her BFF Cara for that matter.
I don't know what they did to Fei Fei but for a fresh face they made her look rough, that Kors frumptastic dress is giving me droopy boob realness.
Great job at making Edie Campbell look unrecognizable. Also what is with that ice-skating dress?
Apparently Imaan couldn't make it because girl looks like she was shopped in as an after thought.
Nothing against full-figured ladies but Andreea isn't so why did they crop her to look like that? Actually how did she even get brought into this line up?