Christmas on the go by Mike Tyle

Traveling as much as I do I have become accustomed to knowing what actually fits in a carry-on and 1 checked item.

Christmas time is no different! So when my Mom was begging to know what I wanted I made it clear I need anything to be packable.

This year I was lucky enough to get a few of the items I've been wanting from my wish lists.

Here are a few of my favorite things. Click through the images for more info.

It's always time for Moscow Mules! I had been searching everywhere for the perfect mugs but after several online attempts and multiple store searches I finally found the perfect style for me. Clean & minimal, yes please. Bring on the ginger beer!

Ok, so there may be an alcohol theme appearing... But one of my all time favorites is Aperol Spritz. Reminds me of walking around Venice or really anywhere in Europe in Spring/Summer. Not only does this book have many recipes for the perfect aperitivo, and the hors d'œuvre to go with them, but also a fascinating history of the sprezzatura way of life.

Always a fan of the HBIC Martha I was here for this book came out. I love the idea of cooking but realistically I'm better at watching others cook for me... However, One Pot changes that! I am very capable of dumping everything in 1 place and voilà... dinner for 2.

First stop, One Pot Pasta. Life. Changer.

Unbeknownst to me this bad boy is literally the size as pictured! It's an industrial monster, as far as fabric shavers go, it is also amazing.

The pilling I was able to get off in record time on a couple of my fave COS sweaters is shocking. I can't wait to have a go at all my knitwear!

I am that much of a loser.

Expat Christmas by Mike Tyle

Having just moved this past month I have mostly spent the time learning the ropes of my new job, furnishing my apartment (still not done) and getting accustomed to life in Brussels. While I wasn't able to make it home to family & friends this Christmas I was lucky enough to get some great cards in the mail as well as a Secret Santa gift!

A friend of mine, Diane, who runs the blog Oui in France, had an excellent idea of a gift exchange for expats. 

After Diane matched me up with Amanda, a woman from the US now living in Morocco. I was quick to send off a package of goodies detailing life in Belgium: waffles, speculoos spread, chocolate, Lotus cookies and a map of Brussels with guide Tin-Tin!

A couple weeks before the big day I received a package myself from Istanbul, Turkey! I have been waiting to open it and was pleasantly surprised with the many treats inside: Lokum (Turkish Delight), Turkish coffee/coffee maker/cup & saucer (sadly both broken), some cookies and spices which I am dying to try out!

Again a big thanks and shout out to Diane for making the whole experience possible! Can't wait until next year!