Alaïa by Mike Tyle

The Alaïa exhibit at the NRW Forum here in Düsseldorf opened up this past week and I finally had the chance to go today. Sadly, I knew camera would be banned so I had to go the spy route and use my iPhone... so not the same. Nevertheless I have a few gems to share!

The layout for the exhibit was based on the fabric: velvet, fur, wool, leather, cotton, animal skins, chiffon and knitwear. This allowed the viewer to see the relationship between the garments and how his style translates to different materials while remaining consistent. 

If you are in the area you should really check it out, it isn't often one can be inches away from a diverse selection of detailed and hand-crafted couture pieces from the past decade.


Carpe Diem by Mike Tyle

Figured today is a good of a day as any to begin. 

Hectic workday... but as we all know it is important to do what makes us happy.

For me that is fashion. I like the idea that I can change my mood with an outfit. I like that every season is a evolution of the one before or a complete 180. I love the history of it and the future. 

In the mean time I am taking it day by day. 

Also, thank God it is Friday! 

Sunny Friday morning. 8 A.M.

shirt- J.Crew, pants- Marc by Marc Jacobs, watch- Swatch, bracelet- DOM, shoes- Adidas, glasses- See