Antwerp and the days surrounding by Mike Tyle

As stated in my previous post things, as well as in the title, I went to Antwerp this past Friday for work, check my Antwerp gallery I just made to show off some of the things I saw.

I always love traveling any chance I can get and the luxury of life in Europe especially in the Rhine-Ruhr is that I am close to a lot of great places. A two hour car ride and voila you can be in Antwerp, Brussels or Amsterdam. A bit over two hours longer and in Paris!

Last shopping trip a couple months ago we went to Amsterdam so this time the team split up again and I headed to Antwerp with a couple other designers. We had a great time. The weather was nice and I'm pretty sure we shopped the entire city. Seriously, on foot from 10-9 with a 30 min break. We got some exciting finds in the vintage shops and great books that will come in handy as well. 

I'm working on a city guide which I hope to have finished and posted soon...

In the mean time here are some looks from the past week: 

Walking home from work... armless.

shirt- Gap kids, tie- vintage leather tie (one of my faves) I found while in Italy.

Jeans ripped in both legs the same day! These pants are at least 8 yrs old. I don't even know where I got them from...

Also I feel like this looks like those "hot dogs or legs?" pics, ha!

t-shirt- Character Hero jaquard weave.

My plants were dying in the house but are thriving on the balcony! AKA away from me.

shirt- COS, pants- H&M, shoes- COS, backpack- from middle school, ha!

Pouring rain I was stuck in the house on the weekend.

v-neck sweater- J.Crew, shorts- American Apparel, belt- Banana Republic

Obsessed with this Banana Republic belt.

Hermès: Festival des Métiers by Mike Tyle

Stunning! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have had the chance to see the master craftsmen at work at the traveling Hermès exhibit.  The world tour has finally made it's way to Düsseldorf after last weeks stop in London.

I find it fascinating to see not only where such beloved items as the Kelly bag and iconic scarves are created but also to learn more of the history of Hermès. It really brings the product to life and shows the thought and care put into designing more than just clothing but art.

Now onto the pictures, which more or less speak for themselves...

Follow the orange tools!

Me- sadly sans Hermès instead Cos t-shirt and vintage Czech army backpack

Saddle making, where it all started.

First one must choose the correct color.

Patterns are lazed out and pieces are sewn together.

Hard at work.

Now to put it all together!

Finished product: the Kelly Bag.

Print design!

Preparing the screens for the layers of ink used on the scarves.

Hand flocking the finished scarves!

Between sketch and landing in store it is a 2 year process!

Such vibrant colors!

I'm not usually a big watch fan, but in this case I have different feelings!

Astounding to see how many little pieces it take to make it tick.