Weekend by Mike Tyle

This weekend I'm spending some time getting things around the apartment accomplished... mainly cleaning. No sense to glamorize it. But it needs to be done! Especially since I have been going ever since I have been home. If you see this pic on my Instagram from Friday my pathetic refrigerator can give you a good clue of how often I have been around.

Last weekend however I had a really great time. My friend Helena came over to pick up her nice new Coach bag I was able to get for her while I was in the U.S. and I must say it is really nice! Simple high quality leather can make all the difference. Good choice Helena! Also, shout out to the Coach store at Somerset Collection! It was a pleasant shopping experience which luckily every time I have been there I have gotten great service.

The weather was really nice as well and I was luckily able to spend the majority of it outside made all the better by a new shirt from a very special someone! 

shoes: Kenneth Cole

shorts: Tourist by Burkman Bros. t-shirt: Acne, blazer: H&M, belt: Fossil

Helena; the Swedish queen of vintage finds in her 1953 vintage skirt.

The new favorite Penny shoulder purse from Coach.

In the Hofgarten.

shirt: Kenzo, shorts: Zara

part deux by Mike Tyle

The second half of my trip home was spent in upstate NY visiting my good friend and all around awesome lady Krysta. She was home for the summer from London and while we are only a hop, skip and a jump away from one another in Europe we seem to find ourselves in the U.S. at the best time to be in the U.S.- summer!

We spent most the time doing what we do best... visiting sites, eating food, enjoying a beach/pool/mini-cooper. Below are some examples doing just that.


At the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY.

Had I known about the dinner plans this would have just been a day outfit...

Krysta told me we were going out but I didn't know we were GOING OUT...

Krysta- sunglasses: Prada, dress: Herve Leger, purse: Louis Vuitton

Me- shirt: J.Crew, bow tie: vintage Lanvin, shorts: COS, belt: Fossil, sandals: Mango, sunglasses: Burberry

At the lake house. It's not summer unless booty shorts and chips are involved!

tank: Topman, swimsuit: Diesel

sweatshirt: Acne, shorts: Topman

I had to.

One last dip before the plane ride back!

mesh sweatshirt: D&G, bathing suit: Diesel, sunglasses: Burberry

Hermès: Festival des Métiers by Mike Tyle

Stunning! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have had the chance to see the master craftsmen at work at the traveling Hermès exhibit.  The world tour has finally made it's way to Düsseldorf after last weeks stop in London.

I find it fascinating to see not only where such beloved items as the Kelly bag and iconic scarves are created but also to learn more of the history of Hermès. It really brings the product to life and shows the thought and care put into designing more than just clothing but art.

Now onto the pictures, which more or less speak for themselves...

Follow the orange tools!

Me- sadly sans Hermès instead Cos t-shirt and vintage Czech army backpack

Saddle making, where it all started.

First one must choose the correct color.

Patterns are lazed out and pieces are sewn together.

Hard at work.

Now to put it all together!

Finished product: the Kelly Bag.

Print design!

Preparing the screens for the layers of ink used on the scarves.

Hand flocking the finished scarves!

Between sketch and landing in store it is a 2 year process!

Such vibrant colors!

I'm not usually a big watch fan, but in this case I have different feelings!

Astounding to see how many little pieces it take to make it tick.