Things I am loving this week. by Mike Tyle

1.  Kiehl's- Facial Fuel: In. Love. Basically, I didn't realize until after I was 25 that I am not aging backwards. Luckily, there is Kiehl's. Stopped into the store a while back with a friend, who stocks up on everything they make, and tried out some things. While I must say it is all good, this is my go to item every morning and night. It moisturizes wonderfully and does not leave any greasy feeling like lotion, which I despise.


2. My iron and ironing board- Putting on pants can the hardest thing to do in the morning. Nevertheless, I like to look put together even if the truth is I picked out 2 clothing opt. the night before so that I could stay under the covers a whole 5 sec. longer. Thankfully my trusty side kick makes everything look nice and keeps the haters pressed. Also, I am only ironing like 2 things at a time so it doesn't suck too much. Thank you for being there and never burning me or any holes in my clothes... minus the time I somehow melted plastic from out of nowhere to one of my fave chambray shirts (yes, I have several).


3. Kenzo x Vans F/W13. OK, in a nutshell I am pro anything Kenzo. Obviously teaming with Vans brings this awesome higher end brand to the masses. It seems to be working since they have been turning it out now for several seasons together mixing awesome prints and comfy shoes to brighten up one's feet! This collection won't be any different.

On a side note- I think it's time I just suck it up and get that damn tiger head sweatshirt everyone has that I can't deny my love of.

4. E-Shop support chats- I am all about getting help when I need it, especially when it comes to online shopping. I want to know as much about a product as possible. I am a "feeler" and online it's not possible to touch an item or try something on or know if it will work... the next best thing is being able to talk it out. Even if that someone is a computer/ from a developing nation most likely never having set foot in said store. Sometimes I just need reassurance. The only down side is paying shipping & handling, I am pretty sure a little part of my soul dies every time.


Time flies by Mike Tyle

Since being back I have been getting into the daily schedule at work, catching up with meetings, sifting though emails (only 750!) and being inspired by my surroundings. Which is a great thing; but getting a chance to relax is also great and spending time with family and friends is more than wonderful and not to be take for granted!

I will be adding a few new albums soon of my 3 weeks at home, which I am still trying to decide how to split it up between themes... but in the mean time a long awaited style post (Part 1)! See below for the results and I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

P.S.- there will be some repetition in pieces as I was limited by a suitcase, but I did my best to make it work depending on the event at hand! 

My friends Jen and Sarah and I in Detroit at Campus Martius, in the winter this "beach" is an ice skating rink!

shirt: AllSaints, jeans: Levi's, shoes: Banana Republic, bag: Carhartt

The Fist.

My sisters dog & I.

shirt: J.Crew, pants: Levi's, shoes: Banana Republic, watch: Gucci (vintage), belt: Club Monaco

Up north in Ludington, my family vacations here every year!

shirt: Gap Kids, undershirt: A&F, jeans: Acne, watch: Gucci

tank: Pull & Bear, pants: A.P.C., sunglasses: Burberry

I swear I had a better pic of my bathing suit somewhere... regardless detail shot it is!

suit: H&M Kids

Carpe Diem by Mike Tyle

Figured today is a good of a day as any to begin. 

Hectic workday... but as we all know it is important to do what makes us happy.

For me that is fashion. I like the idea that I can change my mood with an outfit. I like that every season is a evolution of the one before or a complete 180. I love the history of it and the future. 

In the mean time I am taking it day by day. 

Also, thank God it is Friday! 

Sunny Friday morning. 8 A.M.

shirt- J.Crew, pants- Marc by Marc Jacobs, watch- Swatch, bracelet- DOM, shoes- Adidas, glasses- See