While I loved the easy to use and basic feel of the Radio Belgium app I felt the UI is very outdated.

Radio BEL for iPhone

Radio BEL for Android

When I began redesigning the Radio Bel app I wanted to make sure I didn't loose the importance of the easy open and play simplicity keeping the app light and fast. It opens to the main player screen which can than be adjusted like an old fashion radio dial, the bottom half display news from the station.

In the main circle it shoes the station frequency and the time remaining on the song. Below the circle is the name of the station and then the artist & song title. There is also the option to go back and replay the song from the beginning before it ends; you can also send it or save it as well.

The second screen of the app is the list of radio stations which can be opened from the top left side of the app. Here the user can find there favorite stations and star them for easy access.

I chose the teal color as a soft cool undertone where as the brighter pink shade highlights the music.