During my time at Stylesight, now WGSN, I provided the CAD illustrations for the F/W11 directional trend reports.

Rave will reveal a retro futuristic aesthetic while evoking the adrenaline of extreme snow sports. Forms will be pared back to solid & rigid cubic shapes, highlighted by quilting & active details allowing for strong statements to emerge. Skiing, snowboarding & mountaineering will inspire functional details with safety in mind.

Employ industrial materials & equipment for cold & clinical shapes with sleek minimal styling. Bold color blocking on hats & socks will emphasize a graphic aesthetic. Play with ergonomic shapes for active-inspired accessories.

Forms will be bulky & durable, highlighted by quilting & active trims. Color-blocked closures & ergonomic seams on active shoes & boots will reinforce this geometric style. Add industrial closures to bags for a tough heavy-duty finish.

Reflective panels & saturated hues will reinforce this geometric denim style. Functional forms will merge with bold color blocking for an urban feel while industrial trims will solidify bulky garments

Pared back solid sweater shapes for strong statements to emerge. Glossy accents & saturated hues will reinforce this geometric style. Mathematical shapes will find new life in material structure & construction techniques while industrial trims will add a concrete feeling.

Defined by angular layering with glossy surfaces. Layering will lend depth to easy silhouettes.