This app came to me from first hand experience.

I moved to NYC last November as a freelance stylist lucky enough to get work with Vogue, i-D & Interview; among others. In that time though I realize it's all the same. The samples are coming from each other or from numerous PR companies, the work is often disorganized and the constant being that it leads to stress and late hours.

As a very organized person it continuously stressed me out how these VERY expensive clothes and accessories were being thrown around and not necessarily properly tracked.

Yes, there is Excel, or an iPhone full of pictures taken randomly. But nothing that cohesively matched up. 

My first thought was an app. 

Life would be so much easier if items were tagged electronically as they were requested, came in and were sent away. Keeping all the info together and easy to get at regardless of where you are. Leaving a lot of the stress behind.