During my time at Stylesight, now WGSN, I provided the CAD illustrations for the F/W11 directional trend reports.

Evolution will transport us to a stark post-apocalyptic warrior future. The last undisturbed tribes on Earth will revert to primal desires and decoration.

Motorcycle protection will inspire ergonomic seams on padded gloves while scrap yards will yield chunky metal accessories. Find wild predators for fur trims and warm scarves.

Captured enemies will inspire straight-jacket closures on shoes and bags while barren landscapes will evoke worn and weathered finishes. Look to crude oil for thick and shiny coatings on robotic and angular shapes.

The land will generate distressed denims that appear weather and worn. Angular shapes and detail-heavy designs will seem engineered.

Knitwear will take on curious shapes and multi-dimensional finishes and metalwork will seem instinctual yet unusual with the use of irregular open yarn.

Course stitching and raw-edged fabrics mix with sinuous shapes that reference muscle tissue while the use of fur will reinforce untamed edge.